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Enjoy your time wisely while travelling by car, bus or plane. Listen to audiobooks while relaxing on the couch or working out at the gym.

In Audioteka app you will find thousands of audiobooks, read by the best voice actors and produced with the highest attention to quality.
Choose your audiobook, try it out, order, pay and listen instantly wherever you are.

Sign up with Audioteka - why?

Create an account with Audioteka to access your collection of audiobooks wherever you are.

Sign up with your e-mail address and create a password and you will gain instant access to your virtual shelf where you can store all your purchased audiobooks.
There’s no need to archive it anywhere else.

Your virtual shelf in the "cloud"

You can listen to audiobooks on multiple devices: your laptop, smartphone, tablet or mp3 player.

Wherever you purchase your audiobook, for example on the Audioteka website through your account, it will also be available in Audioteka mobile application on your phone (just make sure you are logged into the same account).
Have you lost or misplaced your favourite listening device? Don’t worry, your audiobooks are always available on your virtual shelf.

Listen before you buy

Audioteka always gives you the opportunity to try any audiobook before choosing to buy it. Listen to the narration and see if the story captivates your attention before you spend a single penny.
We provide even up to two hours of free listening (10% of the total length of the audiobook) for the vast majority of our audiobooks!

Safe and secure purchase

Your payment and personal information remains confidential with Audioteka and is never shared with any third parties. Enjoy multiple payment options; your audiobook purchase won’t take you more than a few moments.

Download audiobooks and listen anywhere

After your payment has been processed your audiobook (with its individual watermark) is ready for download.
You can download it completely or by sections as mp3 files.
Your purchased audiobook is your property and can be download an unlimited number of times.

Audioteka’s free Apps

There are many ways to listen to audiobooks. In many cases, Audioteka has a free app for you!
Select and install the application on a mobile device to have direct access to your virtual shelf.

Enjoy stories well told - wherever you are!

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