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Business Risk Buster Intervenes 4

43 minút
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Business Risk Buster Intervenes 4 - audiokniha obsahuje čtvrtý díl seriálu o rizicích podnikání v angličtině. Autor Vladimír John. Účinkují Jon Keeble, John Chancer.

Do you run a business?
Then you have to hear this true story!

Every entrepreneur wants to be successful, but even a seemingly small mistake can sometimes cause big trouble. In the fourth part, the business risk buster strikes at a building materials shop. An unfaithful wife and the following divorce almost brought a well-established company down. And the consequences could have been much worse.

Be careful that your business doesn´t ruin your family relationships
Keep in mind that business is often linked with a risk of criminal punishment
Every business can be insured, all you need to do is to find the right insurance company
Update your insurance contracts regularly
How to motivate your employees
How to effectively collect receivables
How to expand your business in leaps and bounds

Learn from mistakes made by other entrepreneurs.