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The Creator's Code

6 hours 52 minutes
Audiobook - unabridged
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How do some people turn inklings into enterprises that endure? Startup founders, social enterprise pioneers, and business leaders young and old are taking advantage of the new, fast-paced, inter-connected world and turning small ideas into big businesses. The seemingly unpredictable rise of entrepreneurial leaders has long baffled academics and others: why do some people succeed as entrepreneurs when so many others fail? No one has yet developed a comprehensive theory that explains how these new iconoclasts gain traction to achieve lasting results until now. THE CREATOR'S CODE weaves together research, case studies, and the collective wisdom of over 200 breakthrough entrepreneurs to reveal the surprising mindsets and powerful skills of those who lead on the front lines of the future. The book will reveal the Six Disciplines of how creators: Find the Gap: Spot Opportunities that Others Don't See Drive for Daylight: Manage Speed and Complexity Fly the OODA-Loop: Master Fast-Cycle Iteration Fail Wisely: Place Small Bets to Find the Way Forward Network Minds: Solve Problems in New Ways Give Small Gifts: Unleash Generosity.
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